Mathieu Cornille

Mathieu Cornille

Product Development Team

My main focus is to enable the Product Development team to deliver on the company's needs, not only the client requirements from today or tomorrow, but also the platforms and products of tomorrow.



Work with me

  • Testing and Deployment Engineer

    Product Development Team · Chile, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Czech Republic, North Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia, Greece, Paraguay, Croatia , Armenia, Poland, Bulgaria, Guatemala, Remote Fully Remote

  • Software Developer - South East Asia

    Product Development Team · Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Thailand, China , Remote, Myanmar Fully Remote

  • Software Developer - Europe

    Product Development Team · Armenia, Kazakhstan, Romania, Poland, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Russia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Ukraine Fully Remote