Tom Van Schoor

Tom Van Schoor

Senior Developer Team Lead – Product Development Team

Hi, my name is Tom! Born, raised, and living in Belgium.

Code is my work and my passion. As a team leader, I try my best to share what I know so that my team can deliver the best code possible.

There are loads of ways to skin a cat, and I am always open to learning new techniques. I keep an open mind when team members offer alternative solutions.

During the past 11 years, I have been helping Tutuka to reach new heights in code quality. I saw Tutuka grow from a South African local processor, into the world-class global processor it is today.

Work with me

  • Testing and Deployment Engineer

    Product Development Team · Chile, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Czech Republic, North Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia, Greece, Paraguay, Croatia , Armenia, Poland, Bulgaria, Guatemala, Remote Fully Remote

  • Software Developer - South East Asia

    Product Development Team · Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Thailand, China , Remote, Myanmar Fully Remote

  • Software Developer - Europe

    Product Development Team · Armenia, Kazakhstan, Romania, Poland, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Russia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Ukraine Fully Remote