Jolene Mouyis

Jolene Mouyis

Legal Advisor – Commercial Team

I'm a lawyer by profession and work at Tutuka in the Commercial Team as a Legal Advisor. My main function is to draft, negotiate and review contracts such as our service level agreements with our clients, BIN Sponsorship Agreements and hiring contracts.  I also support Tutuka by giving legal advice on a range of legal issues impacting tax, sanctions, compliance, data protection, labour, regulations and company secretarial governance. 

Working as a legal advisor at Tutuka is fulfilling, interesting and challenging as our business is fast-paced and crosses over a large number of jurisdictions. It also has an added dimension of needing to become a subject matter expert on the payments industry and the role of a third party payments processor. 

I'm a team player and am always keen to engage or support on all areas of the business even if they fall outside the world of commercial/legal. I strive to properly understand the legal issues that impact Tutuka so that I can find the best solution for both Tutuka's business and those outside of Tutuka. 

What I love most about working at Tutuka is how well we connect and collaborate with one another whilst working remotely. Tutuka has a fantastic culture that allows for career growth in an immersive environment. 

If you're reading this because you've applied for a role at Tutuka and are about to have an interview then GOOD LUCK! Hoping to soon be welcoming you to Tutuka.